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The Andoran Stud Agistment business was established in 1970 and owner and manager, Jocelyn Ainsworth, has over 45yrs experience with horses.
We have always used the The Equicentral System of horse management which is horse/land/human friendly.
The Equicentral System is a method of sustainable horse/land management which integrates natural horse behaviour and good land/environmental management.
For the horse... By working with the natural/normal behaviour of the horse to live in a herd, you can improve a horse's welfare/happiness by providing safe healthy pasture.

For the land... By working with natural systems, rather than against, you can improve soil and plant health and reduce erosion and soil compacting. This improves the health of both the horse and the land. We have a balance of both pasture land and natural/native bushland.

We have 2 options available:-
Our paddock horses benefit from the social herd living, and paddock rotation system.
For those in a yard, they are rotated between 2 yards and have close neighbours.

The paddocks are pasture improved using organic fertiliser and a 3 paddock rotation system which benefits both the horse and the land
The yards, with shelters, are pasture improved using organic fertiliser and use a 2 yard rotation system.

Electric fencing is used. There is no barbed wire used on the property.

Lunging yard is available for clients use

Dressage arena, full size 60m x 20m, floodlighting available to clients.

Farrier, dentist and vet available at your own cost and arrangements.

as at July 1st 2018

Paddock - $95 per week (pasture improved paddocks with supplementary feed when necessary at no extra cost)

Yard/shelter - $140 per week (yard with shelter, 2 feeds per day)
Holding fee for a 2 week period - Paddock $50/wk  -  Yards $70/wk.
Longer holds after the 2 weeks will be at full price.
No discount for less than 1 week's absence.

There will be a late payment fee of $10/wk for payments over 2 weeks late.

Float parking - $15 per week (no responsibility for loss or damage, is at your own risk)
Worming - $35  - all horses are wormed at the same time, approx. every 3-4 months.
There is a discount price of $25 for those who pay for wormings within 7 days.
You are always welcome to instead worm your own horse every 3 months when it is worming time, as long as they are done on or before the set date.
Dressage arena available to clients free of charge.
Arena lighting available at night at $5 per hour.
Shoeing - your own arrangements.
Gear Shed area available, at no extra charge, to store your equipment but no responsibility for loss or damage (is at your own risk).

Situated between Sutherland and Wollongong.

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Andoran brings together the best of nature and modern convenience. It is a haven for both people and horses away from the everyday world. Over the years, the property has developed a unique feel to it that allows both horse and owner to let go of their stress, relax and be themselves.

View from the road - Andoran Stud